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When a group of terrorist named themselves "Islamic State" or "ISIS" they have abused Islam and have contaminated the true meaning, values and ethics of Islam. THEY ARE NOT TRUE MUSLIMS AND THEY ARE NOT AN ISLAMIC STATE.

• They do not present Islam nor Islamic State.
• They do not carry on Islamic values.
• All their actions are against Islam.
• Islam condemn all their actions and opinions.

The purpose of this petition is to have all media, politicians and literature to identify and call them as “TERROR STATE” instead of “ISLAMIC STATE”.

We, the undersigned, call on all media channels around the world to change and identify the “Islamic State” (ISIS) as “Terror State”.

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The Changing the "Islamic state" (ISIS) name to "Terror State" petition to News Media around the world was written by Osama Shehata and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.

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