#Neighborhood Living
The Aspen Heights Homeowner's Association Board
United States of America

Many did not like the tone of the last HOA letter we received, and did not like the notion that our HOA dues would be used to sue our neighbors.

Many homeowners in Aspen Heights feel that revisions to the covenants are made and HOA money spent without our consent.

We, the undersigned, homeowners in the Aspen Heights subdivision, propose that:

the monthly HOA dues be changed to $0.
each homeowner be given a copy of a detailed accounting of the HOA's income and expenditures
any HOA dues not spent be refunded back to the homeowner that paid them
that the HOA refrains from turning anyone to collections
that the HOA not sue any homeowner.

Rather, we propose that neighbors strive to keep their homes and yard in good repair on their own, and that neighbors politely resolve their differences themselves.

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