The American People
United States of America

President Obama has been vilifying the upper class in an effort to gain support of the middle and lower class. He has represented that the rich have not paid their fair share of taxes whereas the US tax code with its graduated tax tables tell us otherwise.

President Obama proposes to increase taxes on the rich to cut deficits and help fund the down payment on health care reform but he is unwilling to veto current earmarks in spending bills.

We, the undersigned demand that President Obama live up to his campaign promise to veto any spending bill that contains earmarks.

We are of the opinion that tax increases will not be necessary if tax dollars are not wasted on earmarks or other government programs that just don't work.

We also believe that we cannot tax our way out of government irresponsibility nor can we irresponsibly build a government that takes responsibility for all the financial needs of the American people.

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