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A British jam manufacturer (Clippy's) recently introduced the first ever apple-based jams onto the U.K. high street. However, the U.K. government has stated these products cannot legally be called jam because they don't contain enough sugar.

Standard jams have a sugar content exceeding 60%; however, these apple-based jams have a sugar content of 52-53%. See www.clippys.com

Unfortunately, between 51-59% sugar content there is no clear legal definition as to what these apple-based products should be called. It's a jam 'no-mans land'!

Apple-based jams look like jam and taste like jam. They should be allowed to be called jam.

Jam law across the EU is meant to be harmonised. However, France, Germany and Denmark have all recently used an 'escape clause' in the legislation to permit jams with a sugar content below 60%. The U.K. government now needs to use this 'escape clause' to account for British apple-based jams.

We, the undersigned, call on the U.K. government to reduce the permitted sugar level in jams to 51%.

During these recessionary times, it is vital that the U.K. government supports British business, British innovation and British-specific traditions, i.e. Bramley apple growing.

With obesity rates increasing, we should also be encouraging the general public to consume jams with more fruit and less added sugar.

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