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Incest is sexual activity between close family members who are forbidden by law or custom from marrying. Incest is considered taboo, and forbidden (though not always punished severely) in the majority of current and past cultures. This is and was the case even in cultures that are or were sexually permissive in other ways, such as the French Polynesian Marquesas prior to Western influence, who permitted child sexuality and experimentation, but disallowed incest.

The precise meaning of the word varies widely. Different cultures have differing notions of what behaviors constitute sexual activity, and what familial relationships are considered "close". Some cultures consider only those related by birth, while others include those related by adoption or marriage. Some prohibit sexual relations between people who grew up in the same household, while others prohibit sexual relations between people who grew up in related households.

Incest can occur between same-sex as well as opposite-sex relatives. It can occur between persons of any age.

Incest between close blood-relations is a crime in most jurisdictions even in cases where the sex is consensual, although again the extent of the definition of "close" varies. However, since incest is an interpersonal act that takes place in private, it is a difficult law to enforce. There are wide differences between nations as to how serious the crime of incest is. In some countries, such as Australia, incest is a serious indictable offense, while in others it is a minor crime with much less serious consequences.

We, the undersigned, call on the USA to remove the umbrella law forbidding interfamily unions

The Law should be changed regarding the “consensual” relations of related persons. Any person 18 or older should be able to choose whom they want a relationship with, without fear of prosecution. Brother-Sister, Cousins, etc. (1/2, full, or by marriage.) sexual relations should be permitted as long as both parties consent to it and are of legal age. Other peoples morals should not be allowed to dictate law.

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