#Children's Rights
Jay Weatherill, Zoe Bettison, Susan Close, Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham

Cyber Bullying has gotten out of control in Australia and its time we did something about it. Young children are being harassed and victimised by other children for fun, and its destroying our kids!!!! We have kids who are self harming and self medicating with drugs and alcohol to cope and when they can't cope anymore kids are committing suicide!! All because some kids need to have some fun tormenting others!! Its time as parents we stood together and took action to protect our children. Currently you get NO HELP!! If its out of school hours school hours the police have to deal with it BUT only if a crime has been committed, 99% of the time you get sorry we can't do anything! And during school hours the school has to deal with it IF they can even prove who it is 99% of the time they can't. It's time the rules are changed so any and all cyber bullying is an offence and not over the age of 10 if it can be proved the child knew they where doing the wrong thing, but FOR ALL PEOPLE OF ANY AGE.
Also we love to see the movie "The cyber bully" become mandatory in every school to be shown in the senior levels, to open the kids eyes to the damage they are causing. Please sign and share and help get the laws changed!!!

We request the government of Australia change the laws surrounding cyber bullying. Making all kinds of cyber bullying a offence and everyone of every age can be charged.
And mandatory screening in every school across Australia of the movie "The CyberBully" in the senior levels.
And the age brackets of being charged with an offense be dropped.

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