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The current By-Law 2003-530 prohibits parking on all city streets for a limit of 3 hours from 7AM to 7PM. This by-law is enforced on an on-call basis. It is not enforced on a consistent or regular basis.

The by-law was passed in the 1980's and carried over to the City during the period of amalgamation. Currently if you park your car in front of your residence for more than 3 hours you can be ticketed. In 2011, approximately 31,000 tickets were issued and a revenue of approximately $1,000,000.00 dollars was collected.

There is no other reason needed to ticket you car, other than it is parked on the street for more than 3 hours. Some sections of the city you can buy a permit to allow you to park on the streets for more than 3 hours. There are certain conditions that must be mete to get a pass approved.

We the undersigned call on the City Council to change the by-law so that a more specific reason is required to issue parking tickets for parking on the street for more than 3 hours from 7am-7pm.

That the by-law be enforced on a consistent and fair basis. Also, that the City council consult with citizens during the review of the by-law.

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