#Students' Rights
Public School
United States of America

All over America, the public schools have served not very appetizing foods. They say they changed their food dishes to "healthy choices." We, the undersigned, do not even know half the time what the food that they serve the students is. They make you get full meals even if you are not going to eat it. It's their problem that kids are wasting food. Whole sandwiches are being thrown away, unopened milk containers are being tossed, and this is all the doing of the staff.

They say:
The mission of the Columbia Public Schools Nutrition Services Department is to provide nutrition services that make maximum contribution to health, nutrition, and education of our children by providing well-prepared meals served in a safe, pleasant environment with adequate time for lunch; offering and encouraging wise food choices; contributing to the overall district education setting; improving the academic success of students; and offering a nutrition education program to elementary teachers and students.

But I promise you this, they are just trying to get us the cheapest meals no matter what they taste like. We would like to see one of them try to eat this so called food. The food they give us just gets wasted and/or the kids almost starve to death because they refuse to eat the food.

We, the undersigned, call on the Columbia Public Schools Nutrition Service to change the menu of food they give us. They should give us healthy, yet yummy food. This task is not impossible if we have a person who knows how to plan good meals.

We need someone who really cares about us and someone who will love the job. We need someone who will give us variety and culture through our food. We're not asking for greasy McDonald's.

We are asking for creative, yet fulfilling and satisfying meals.

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