#Animal Rights
Gauteng Residents
South Africa

Due to the fact that Johannesburg, Roodepoort & surrounding areas are drowning in the amount of domestic animals looking for their forever homes, it is our wish to start up a petition for by-laws to be changed in all municipalities to those of the Cape, where breeders have to be registered & are fined heavily if they over-step the breeding guidelines.

At the moment, the SPCA has no jurisdiction with breeders & puppy mills who are pumping puppies out by the thousands. The parents especially the mothers of such puppies are at times housed in appalling conditions & suffer from many medical conditions. Such conditions are not always treated. Furthermore, the babies born are often misformed due to inter-breeding, they are often sold before they are ready to leave their mothers, are infested with fleas and or ticks or worse, die from worm infestations. The fathers are dumped at shelters or worse when they start to get old or may be fighting with other males.

It is also our hope that somehow with all of this in place, we can adopt guidelines for dogs being used within security businesses as well to highlight the plight many of them face.

We feel strongly that guidelines should be in place to protect our animals who are mostly seen as a source of income and are often dumped at SPCA's or merely abandoned once they become too old or cannot breed due to ill health.

We see no reason why SARS could not become involved as this could become quite lucrative for them & the government.

We request the Gauteng local government to change the by-laws to that of the Cape by-laws whereby breeders have to be registered to carry out their business and are fined accordingly if they do not meet the requirements of such law.

Additionally, for SARS to become involved as this is a lucrative income for many people who never declare this for tax.

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