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The creation of this petition is to change dates of examinations for Total Quality Management (PM301) and other Business Management modules due to the following reasons;

1. Students' 10 week semester was reduced due to: one week late start. (February 15th instead of February 8th).
2. Initially, we were given exam months as January and May for October starting students.
3. GSM notified us of exams on April 13th 2016 (Week 9) for exam week starting April 27th 2016 ( Week 11), 1 week following our last lecture Week 10 (this week). This leaves students with insufficient time to prepare for exams.

As a collective of students of GSM London, we are demanding the reschedule of Total Quality Management (PM301) and other Business Management modules as the examinations fall in weeks 10 & 11 when they should be in weeks 13 & 14.

We may consider not to attend exams as a collective.

If this cannot be rescheduled, as collection we want a reduction of the £6000 fee (which will be agreed at a later date), if necessary.

If we are not satisfied with the outcome we will take this petition the the OIA.

Please sign ASAP so this can be forwarded to the right department immediately.

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