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Hello as you probably know neopets is a online game where you create pets and play with other players. On this site you can chat/playgames/and do other fun stuff, BUT TNT(the neopets team)Changed neopets! Into what they call neopets neopets Beta.Now let's all face it,neo NEEDED a face lift, BUT TNT is out of control, I logged on to neo, did my dailys and such and made my new neopet layout!

Took me 3 hours but it turned out great! It showed my personallity/what i like/and that I am an active player who pays atteintion to detail.I log off,then come back to my computer and log on to neopets. I see the changes and Im thinking. "HOW COOL"Neo looks advaced now! BUT then I go to my user lookup.AND WHAT DO I FIND! My layout that I spent HOURS on is erased!And my pets look girly!And the look really cute. Which is ok for you preppy people but for people like me cute dose NOT cut it. My jetsam is so horrid looking I have to morph him into something else, what, I don't know because everything is ugly now!I have a baby pet who looks about the size of not a petpet but a petpetpet! I even attached a petpet for the size diffrence!

The petpet was slightly bigger than her! I also have a faerie buzz,and now his wings are clear and look just like every other buzz only he is purple!What a waste of 3.5 mill! I could of bought a purple paint brush for only 100k!He looks like a fling barney! Another issue.My pet's lookups are messed up. Now where do I put my art.*Ponders*OK and now TNT reached a low, Dressing up your neopets. I know im not the only one who thinks it's a rediculesly STUPID idea!Almost as bad a putting tiny dogs in outfits!Thank god my holloweenlupe was unchanged how ever!But most pets are changed and ugly!

Lutaris look like the have a flat head, Kikos look really bad,Kois look as if there fins are mutating into fist, mutant pets are becoming cute like. Every pet has the same pose as the unpainted ones. And not to menchon the xweetoks giving the finger(they hangout with me too much). OK and If you thoguht THAT was bad ALL the female pets have UGLY eyelashes! And once again too cute/girly for my taste.My hissy looks like a thug,I think he may beat me up.And ALL my neofriends are quitting!Neo never asked us the players if it was OK?With out US the players neo would cese to exist!

P.S.Don't forget to boycott neopets may 1st,Thats stickin it to em' Break the chain!MUHAHAHAH.(What is becomeing of my generation.xD)


Please I want my pet/user lookup back.

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