#Civil Rights
United States of America

March 28, 2006

Rosa Parks, the mother of the civil right movement should be celebrated at one of the Holidays in the USA.

Since it is a conflict of interest to have another holiday, I would like to see her name written in the calendar as unobserved holiday. But this will beat the meaning of writing to you. I would really like to see her remembered. Since there are so many holidays in a year already, I would like to see her remembered as a civil right leader.

How could this be done? I researched about it and one of the ways to do it is the model of how the President Day came about. It has come to talk about, President Abraham Lincoln, the civil right leader. He is being observed along with President George Washington and then the rest of the Presidents.

With this, it seems appropriate that Martin Luther King Jr., the third Monday in January, to be Civil Right Day. On this date, we can remember all the civil right fighters that made this country great as it is. Everyone of this country that has actively spoken and supported Freedom should be recognized on this date. Let this country stand and let it stand as a wholesome peacemaker country. Let no Freedom Fighter be left behind.

To all free people of this country, let us stand and make this happen. Let us remember Rosa Parks, and the rest of the freedom fighters.

Ador Sibayan

We, the undersigned, agree that the 3rd Monday in January should be Civil Right Day, not Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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