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Every year a wish list is created for the following year and every year a request is made to issue improved swim suits for the females and males. Every year that request is denied for each region.

Listed below are the suits being requested and the reasoning behind the request. It is our intention that with the signature of every NJ State Park Lifeguard in favor of the swimsuit change, the request will no longer be small enough to be overlooked. And as well known that all lifeguards are in favor of these changes, without documentation, it unfortunately does not count.

Female suits: full coverage tankini.
Benefits: (1) smaller straps and thus less pressure and irritation on the shoulders, (2) relief on shoulders and thighs for guards with long torsos, (3) increased sun protection for back of torso.

Male suits: longer shorts.
Benefits: (1) increased sun protection on legs, (2) added coverage.

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