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Landlord/tenant laws in the state of Vermont lean heavily toward the tenant's benefit. The State allows the tenants to live in their apartments for an undetermined period without having to pay rent to the landlord.

The way the laws are set up is discriminatory to the landlords. The tenant may destroy the apartment, not pay rent, and act so badly that good rent paying tenants leave. All this without repocussions to the bad tenant. Even when the tenant and landlord go to court and the landlord wins a judgement, the landlord still cannot collect on the debt. The court fees are only for the landlords to pay as are the lawyers fees.

Landlords have leases but in the eyes of the Vermont lawmakers and keepers, these leases mean a judgement that cannot be collected upon. Therefore the landlords have no rights, and when a tenant is being evicted the process takes so long that landlords have actually lost their homes that they rent out because of it. The lost revenue in Chittenden County for one year was 4 million. The tax revenue lost by the state because of non paying tenants is a large portion of that.

You would think that the state would want to do something about all of the tax money that they are losing too.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of the State of Vermont to change the landlord/tenant laws so a Landlord does not have to pay for bad tenants. The landlord should pay the taxes, mortgage, insurance, normal wear and tear, and also do the maintenance. The Tenant should pay the rent and utilities unless included every month without fail.

If there is a reason for the tenant to want to hold back the rent, the money should be put into an escrow account held by the court system until the issue is resolved. If there is no reason for the tenant to not pay rent, then the tenant should leave the building or be forced out by the Sheriff with one months notice.

It is time for landlord discrimination to end, and the laws changed so Landlords aren't held prisoner, with income loss resulting, by the State of Vermont.

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