Lord Jurrd, Jared Kooiman
United States of America

The dog (in true people's minds also memorized as doggo) of Lord Jurrd has become a legend. Now his profile picture is changed to not-a-doggo. We haven't even paid our respects to him and the Jared already changed the picture! We need to stand up for the rights of this precious pet and get our legend back before we have to actually 'Press F'. Fellow island royalers, with a heart fulled with hope I request you to sign this petition for doggo and to do that I need your mom's credit card number and the three numbers of it on the other side. Thank you all for helping out and jurrd can you add add-me-as-a-friend-on-roblox shacks already into the game? (inside joke)

We, the fellow island royalers, sign for the return of the ultimate doggo. We have to protect our rules of fellow island royalers. We also sign (optional) for adding add-me-as-a-friend-on-roblox shacks into the game.

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