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The electoral college form in 1787 by founding father was A compromise between them. For they were tired , impatient and frustrated from debating the issue , and slavery only added to the debate. Although the electors are supposed to vote for the popular vote of their state this is not always the case. The country was widespread at the time it was form and communication was poor. There have been serval times in history include the last election were the Electoral College has elected the president. It is time to put the vote back in the hands of the people of the United States not elected officials. The founding father and many people are concern that the Electoral College and it's representational unreliability and the risk the electoral vote will contradict the people and the popular vote. we the people of the United State believe living in the data age and being very will inform should have the right to Elect our president and elected officials.

It is time that the people of America take back our right to vote. For too long, we have let government officials elect our president and voice our rights. Let's put the power back in the Hands of the people of this nation of this country. If you want your vote to count sign this petition. Otherwise, your vote will be in vain for the final vote or chose will not be your own.

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