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You think with the amount of money they take from us taxpayers, and the amount of money that is thrown away each year to try and make the city look nicer, that it could go toward giving people who have no choice, a better style of living.

Being on disability, you are not able to have ANY assets. Savings accounts, RRSP's and other valuable property are considered assets. SO if you are on disability and are planning a trip and saving up money plan on having your disability revoked because that is not possible. Planning on contributing to an RRSP to have a stable life after 65? Not happening, you can deal with the 400$ a month the government is going to give you. Win the lottery ? Well you mine as well give the ticket away because you are no eligible to claim your prize. Better hope you win enough money to last you a lifetime, otherwise if you claim your prize, again your disability will be revoked.

There is no winning with disability. Even if you rent out your basement for $400 a month, guess what, disability deducts 400$ a month from your cheque! If your spouse loses their job and is forced to go on E.I, guess what? All their E.I earnings are deducted off your cheque!

The sad thing about it is, these people aren't just sponging off the system, THEY CANNOT WORK!!! They are basically being PUNISHED for being disabled! It is also sad that not many people know the harsh reality of it all, people are not aware.

My mother is blind and has been on disability or years, I have seen the reality of it all.

Please sing the petition to have the disability laws changed so that the disabled are treated fairly, and as people, and can live a better life.

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