IAQA, AmIAQ and IESO Executive Members
United States of America

Dear IAQA members and AmIAQ certificate holders:

AmIAQ has recently decided to publish the examination reference sources, including exact page numbers, on its website beginning on June 1, 2007. This will make it very easy for new certificate candidates to pass the certification exams without having to fully study and learn the material. This action will greatly diminish the value of AmIAQ certifications, and it has clearly broken the spirit of unification agreement.

The differences between the organizational philosophies between IAQA and AmIAQ have finally surfaced. IAQA is a member-based organization with a democratically elected Board of Directors. However, AmIAQ and IESO are not. Due to their structural differences, the goals of these three organizations' leaders may or may not have been aligned with the best interests of the members after the unification.

Instead of constantly fighting over these differences, it is important for IAQA members and AmIAQ certificate holders to act now in order to ensure that all three organizations operate on behalf of the members and certificate holders.

As members of IAQA and AmIAQ certificate holders, we the undersigned, call on the executive members of IAQA, AmIAQ, and IESO to take the following actions to protect the interests of IAQA members and AmIAQ certificate holders.

(1) Refrain from publishing any examination reference sources on the AmIAQ website until the executive members of IAQA and AmIAQ reach an agreement.

(2) Make necessary changes to ensure that the operations of the three organizations are aligned with the interest of their members and certificate holders, which may include amending the unification agreement regarding the structural and functional roles of each organization.

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The Certification and Unification Development petition to IAQA, AmIAQ and IESO Executive Members was written by Wei Tang, Ph.D. and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.