#Children's Rights
To get Santa back!
Isle of Man

So I’m starting this petition because I was told by a gentleman on the commissioners that the santa that has lived on the smelt over the Christmas season for decades, was put up then taken down this afternoon due to it looking ‘tacky’. That doesn’t really make sense to many of us because almost all Christmas decorations are tacky, it’s what Christmas is about! I would understand if it was due to health and safety reasons, but that’s no reason to get rid. He could be moved to the bank by the castle or in the castle gardens or even smack bang in the centre of the square for all to see. That santa has been apart of so many people’s Christmas experience of the years and I believe it would and should continue on with the next generation.

It would be brilliant to see us as a community come together to keep a part of history! It might not be there all year round but without a doubt that santa has been there every Christmas for decades! To long to start changing now just because one person doesn’t like it. Christmas isn’t about what town has the most beautiful lights it’s about the children having fun and getting excited about something. Seeing that little pudgy santa light up as we do the Christmas light switch on well and truly puts smiles on hundreds of people’s faces. Santa should stay in Castletown. Please sign this petition, tell your friends and family to do the same spread the word people!

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