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It was late 2003 when Tomoka was once again called to make her mark in ZONE after lastly being cut from its original format not long ago. Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals, she filled the slot vacated by the other talented member and leader of the famed bandol, Okoshi Takayo.

Four releases, two DVD's, a speculative hiatus, and a number of exposures later, ZONE disbanded. It had only been a little over a year since she joined until the very last seconds of ZONE. Minus the hiatus, she had only been exposed a little over seven months.

Nishimura Tomoka, like ZONE, is a product of Studio Runtime and is also under SONY Records in Japan. Gifted with the material, she became. ZONE and her other exposures have given her fifteen minutes to shine. Now that those minutes are over and the road ahead seems uncertain, please join us in supporting the lesser member who can "BE," given the shot.

Then the question: did she fare well enough to fill in the shoes of fellow Runtime artist Takayo? The explanation is best placed this way: no two people are alike. Tomoka made it in a way she will stand out. She has proven that she was not a subsitute for the talented Takayo but another unique member set to conquer just as the band's initial intention suggested. However, those minutes have fallen short.

**Last words: The creators of this petition do not have any connections to Nishimura Tomoka nor have any relations whatsoever. This petition was created out of fans' free, driven will and in all good hopes. Signatures are unviewable. If anyone wants to see the list, please send a message to the petition creator.

Nishimura Tomoka reflects the aspirant in us. Like us, she waits for the right moment. Like us, she waits for the right time to shine. But this time may not come unless she receives that attention.

Every signature counts. Please make her fifteen minutes of fame longer. Please help her stand out and be noticed. Please help us in believing in her.

Nishimura-san o tasukete to sasaete kudasai. Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita! ^_^

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