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To get Michael Madsen in the next upcoming Marvel movies

As HUGE comic book fans, my brother and I ( and I'm sure many of you ) always like to try to cast Hollywood actors that closely resemble the comic book characters. There are not that many Marvel characters that haven't already been cast, so CABLE really stood out to us. Who else in Hollwood do you think could pull off the role of the telepathic gun-toting tough guy? None other than Michael Madsen.

Examples of his bad-ass film history:
Kill Bill - bad ass gun slinger
Resevoir Dog - bad ass gun slinger
A Cold Day in Hell - bad ass gun slinger
Sin City- gun slinging bad ass cop.

He even played in "A Man with a Gun" as man with a big gun!

We want everyone who thinks that Michael Madsen should be cast as CABLE to sign this petition, and share it with all.

We, the fans of comic books and comic book movies, feel that Marvel Studios should absolutely cast the one and only Michael Madsen in the next series of Marvel movies, as well as the new upcoming Deadpool 2 movie.

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