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Corruption is legal in America. It is increasingly clear that our elected representatives are not serving average Americans, but are responsive instead to lobbyists and campaign donors who spend millions of dollars to secure favorable legislation and government contracts, leaving the vast majority of us without a voice. It is time we restore We The People as the most important stakeholder in our government, and at Represent Us we have a plan to do just that. By organizing at the local and state level to pass The American Anti-Corruption Act (anticorruptionact.org), we can go around congress to reform campaign finance and government ethics laws one city and state at a time. We are working to pass laws and resolutions across the country right in our own communities, building a wave of support up to the state and federal level. Visit www.represent.us to learn more.

*This petition was created by the North Carolina - Triangle chapter of Represent Us, and applies only to the municipalities listed.

We, the undersigned, urge the Carrboro Board of Alderman to support the proposed resolution establishing as the position of the town of Carrboro, state of North Carolina, that tough new anti-corruption laws must be passed at the local level, in the North Carolina General Assembly, and in Congress, including (1) legislation to prohibit politicians from taking campaign money from industries they regulate; (2) increase transparency for campaign funding; (3) stop elected representatives and senior staff from negotiating jobs while in office and bar them from all lobbying activity for five years once they leave; (4) empower all voters through a $100 tax rebate to contribute to the candidates they support; (4) strengthen federal agencies, House and Senate ethics committees, and the North Carolina State Ethics Commission to enforce the rules against politicians and special interests that break campaign finance law.

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