Carle Health Care
United States of America

Since the inclusion of the Hoopeston Regional Community Health Center, Carle Foundation Hospital has lacked the best practices and services that earned it a place in our community.

It's agents have become increasingly rude (even hostile), while its billing/invoicing practices require an advanced degree just to navigate. Accuracy and thoroughness have been abandoned while customers are often at the mercy of Accounts Receivable, and their decision of which accounts to credit.

To this end, I have created, and am asking you to sign, the petition accompanying this Preamble, in the hopes that Carle Foundation Hospital comes to the realization that its services to its customers and community (she) serves has become substandard, and subpar when compared to the quality of other health care entities in this community.

We seek not to humiliate, nor harass, only to bring to light the issues customers have experienced by apathetic and rude Customer Service Agents, and the invoices they seek to collect.

We the petitioners demand that Carle take immediate action to review, then revise their confusing/arbitrary billing practices, including but not limited to, multiple account numbers, and multiple billing entities on the same invoice.

Furthermore, we demand that Carle create a remedy to which clients may reconcile their accounts without the fear and frustration of collections, rude/apathetic Customer Service Representatives and agents whom are not authorized to speak on accounts between departments, and each other.

Finally, we DEMAND that all Representatives of the Invoicing/Accounts Receivable Department, make clear, concise notes regarding client inquiries, and settlements of debt or discrepancies. Notes regarding previous discussions, are increasingly absent in the system, creating confusion, anger, resentment, and finally apathy.

We seek an immediate remedy, then a revision of the arbitrary, archaic, antiquated billing practices of your organization, and request a more customer friendly, streamlined invoicing system.

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