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Following the BBC Panorama programme (31/05/2011 - Undercover care: The abuse exposed) and other cases that have occurred in the media, it is about time that carers employed in the UK are regulated.

Regulation means that a person must have a minimum level of training, no criminal record and must prove this on an annual basis. All other healthcare professionals must do this. If there is a problem that is reported by any person (patient/carer/member of staff) this is investigated by the regulator and then appropriate action taken. If found guilty of an offence the person cannot work in any healthcare role again. This offers some form of protection for patients.

The NMC are already doing this for Nurses and Midwives so have the structures and experience to implement this quickly, effectively and robustly to protect patients from abuse, NOW! (http://www.nmc-uk.org)

Please sign this petition to show the government that abuse of any form is not tolerated by our society and carers should be monitored and regulated.

This petition is not intended to cover those who care for loved ones at home, only those in employment in public, private and voluntary sectors.

Thank you.

We the undersigned believe that all carers employed in the UK should be registered and regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council to prevent harm to those in their care and set a minimum level of training and supervision.

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