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Bad Robot

Can we get a Caprica (from the bsg 'universe') movie?
Perhaps it could build upon the flash forward scenes from the last episode.
In that episode many exciting images were shown that linked the Caprica storyline to the later arcs of the original BSG show from the 80's and the later version.
A movie, or even a series of movies, would be an excellent way to bring this to the greater audience of the entire world. A direct to streaming venue is the main avenue for release of movies thanks to covid. This rather links the tv world with the movie world, making such an effort neither but at the same time both.

We fans of the Battlestar Galactica re-imagined universe would love to see (and pay for) a movie to explore and expand on the events from the final episode of the tv show 'Caprica'. Isn't it about time?

Thank you.

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