Government of Pakistan

Capital Punishment is legal in Pakistan, however the President of Pakistan has put a moratorium on executions since 2009. Since then there have been hundred of prisoners awaiting their death sentence for the brutal crimes they committed.

The legal / justice system of Pakistan is flawed, where the criminals can get away with any sorts of crime they have committed, where the Honorable Justices are afraid of issuing punishments to these barbarians. This therefore encourages them to commit terrorism and get away with it due to incidents like Jail Breaks in Bannu and D.I. Khan while serving their imprisonment.

Government of Pakistan instead of putting these barbarians in the jails, should execute them publically in a similar manner they killed our little children studying in Army Public School Peshawar (16 December 2014) to make an example of them.

We (the Pakistanis) are concerned about Human Rights, however these barbarians should be dealt in a similar manner they killed our children studying, people worshiping in their religious places and people shopping around on the streets et al.

We, the undersigned therefore request the Parliament of Pakistan to amend the Section 368 Code of Criminal Procedure to include the public execution of terrorists.

Further, a moratorium on the Capital Punishment should be taken back by the President of Pakistan

Moreover, a speedy trial and execution of these terrorists should be conducted at earliest for saving innocent lives.

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