Nickelodeon and Klasky Csupo INC.

The Rugrats show, probably the longest running modern kids show, has got to go. It was only got seasons 1-3. Yet Nickelodeon still kept it on. Also, it's spinoff, All Grown up, is equally bad. It is more overhyped than Nicks All-Star shows like Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Oddparents.

We want to see more shows like SBSP and FOP, and nver see these terrible shows again.

To cancel Rugrats, and it's spinoff, All Grown Up.

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The Cancel Rugrats/All Grown Up petition to Nickelodeon and Klasky Csupo INC. was written by Mr. I Like Fudge and is in the category Television at GoPetition.