Today, every Student who wrote the Board Exams is in shock and anger after today's new that Class XII and Class X Economics and Mathematics Board Papers had been leaked and so a retest for both the Examinations will be conducted. Lakhs of students worked hard, day and night and all of it was in vain. All because CBSE couldn't keep a Paper from being shown to the public. Why should we students pay for their mistakes? Why should our futures be at stake for their insecurity? Hence, I urge all the students of India to sign this Petition against the Re-exams being conducted. Our fight is not just for today's students but the many students who will be writing the exam.

We, the students and the people of India, politely ask of CBSE to cancel the Re-exams of Class X and Class XII Mathematics and Economics Board Papers, respectively.

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The Cancel Re-Exam petition to CBSE was written by Ashfaq Ahmed and is in the category Education at GoPetition.