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Doc McStuffins is a crazy little girl who fixes toys, and the toys come alive. She also makes up words. Her parents don't seem to care. She is teaching the wrong lessons to preschool and kindergarten children on what to do an emergency; she could teach them to call 911 if their favorite toy is broken. Please cancel Doc McStuffins!

We, the undersigned, call on Disney and Disney Jr. to cancel Doc McStuffins. Doc McStuffins is a really bad show for young children because she teaches how to handle emergencies in the wrong way. If a toy is broken, you need to tell a parent not call 911 because it takes up the dispatcher's valuable time for actual emergencies.

Replace Doc McStuffins with a show based on the Danger Zone books series by Anara Guard. The books actually teaches children how to handle emergencies and real life problems with no talking toys or crazy little girls.

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