#Students' Rights
St John's College, Oxford University
United Kingdom

The opening hours of St Johns College library are far too restrictive. We recognise that students, in order to be properly supported in their academic studies, need access to essential materials whatever their working habits.

The college may argue that students shouldn't be studying late at night, but this stance simply fails to recognise that individuals know when they themselves work most effectively, and we believe that the college should endeavour to facilitate the study patterns of every student.

The college may argue that extending opening hours is expensive, reflecting the cost of lost books and additional overheads. We would point to that fact that Keble College incurs no additional staffing costs by providing a self-service "check out" system to allow students to take out books during non-staffing hours. Also, books can be protected by simple measures such as CCTV in the foyer, and locking up valuble and rare books during non-staffing hours.

The college may also claim that libraries that aren't constantly staffed quickly become untidy. However, tidiness is more a question of how well a library's rules are followed, and with sufficient staff enforcement, extended opening hours need not result in mess, as Magdalen college library exemplifies.

We, the undersigned, call on the authorities of St John's College to provide 24 hour access to the college library.

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