#Residential Disputes
Cambridge on Devonshire
United States of America

The parking lots of Cambridge on Devonshire (CoD) often become overcrowded due to narrow parking spots and double-parking.

On occasion, individuals have also voiced their concerns of having their cars scratched or dented by adjacent cars. CoD should assign a number to each parking space, and have a tag for the resident's vehicle matching that parking space number and current license plate or have the night guard on duty verify cars are in their designated locations. Parking spots should be widened to assure drivers can enter and exit their cars comfortably, decreasing the probability of accidents.

Parking spaces should be assigned upon the resident's apartment lease date.


CoD should have security cameras installed ensuring that there are no hit and runs occurring within the safety of their gated parking areas. Parking spots should still be widened to ensure that tenants are able to get out of their cars comfortably.

We, the undersigned, call on the Cambridge on Devonshire property management to utilize one of the aforementioned options above to optimize their parking lots and ensure fairness for tenant parking.

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The Cambridge on Devonshire Parking petition to Cambridge on Devonshire was written by Jeffrey Chuang and is in the category Residential Disputes at GoPetition.