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Konstantinos Ioannou - Minister of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus

The current regulations governing swimming pools in Cyprus are outdated and in serious need of reform. We call on the Minister of Interior Mr Konstantinos Ioannou to initiate a fair and reasonable review of the regulations and suspend any ongoing legal action against communal pools for not having a public swimming pool licence until the end of this review.

If you agree that the current swimming pool regulations which still require lifeguards on the smallest buildings communal pools (costing an estimated 18,000-30,000 per year) are disproportionate, please help by signing this petition.

For more information about this petition and the need for this pool regulation reform please click on the link above to go to www.CyprusCommunalGuide.com


Russell Flick -
Communal Property Specialist & Author of The Ultimate Committee Handbook.
WEB: www.CyprusCommunalGuide.com / www.UltimateCommitteeHandbook.com
EMAIL: info@CyprusCommunalGuide.com

We, the undersigned, call on Mr Konstantinos Ioannou the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus to

>Review if it is fair and proportionate for a swimming pool shared by a few residences to have the same regulatory requirements as a municipal Olympic swimming pool. For example under current regulations, a pool shared by 2 houses to require a full-time lifeguard costing an estimated €32,000 per year.

>Review if it is fair and reasonable to hold property owners responsible for organising and funding alterations required for a public pool licence when local authorities granted planning permissions and issued completion certificates for buildings with communal pools despite the properties not conforming to the swimming pool regulations.

>Review potential changes to the current regulations or considers adopting the EN_15288-1.2008 European Standards.

>Suspend any ongoing or planned legal action against buildings with communal pools for operating a public pool without a licence until the end of this review.

>Meet with Russell Flick and other industry experts to discuss this review and what actions are planned.

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