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See all previous foster cases in which the foster care system has failed the children and returned them home only to have them return to foster care, subjected to additional abuse/neglect, or death.

We the people of Kansas ask that the laws are changed to protect children and not the biological parents of children.

Children brought into State custody should not be allowed to return home if the children remain in foster care for a maximum of 12 months. If parents are stated to be unfit even if encountering that for a lesser charge then they shall not be able to seek reintegration of their child(ren).

Also, if a child's parents are found guilty of any crime against children then the child(ren) shall not be returned home but remain in custody until adopted. Under no circumstance shall the agency in which oversees the child(ren) care shall side with biological parents and not listen to foster families with concerns or information pertaining to best interest of the child(ren).

The foster families should be able to impact cases by testifying or having the foster child testify in court what is transpiring during visit with biological families.

If one child is found to not be able to return to the home and rights are terminated or shared custody then no child shall be returned home.

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