Democratic Progressive Party, Kuomintang, People First Party

Taiwan's Pan Blues and Pan Greens have been striving with each other for a time that makes Taiwanese people sick.
Taiwanese people should realize that the real threat is neither Blue nor Green, but the Communist regime across the strait.

If the Communists had never stolen the nation of China, the Nationalists would not have applied "White Terror" in Taiwan; thus, the native Taiwanese would not have been oppressed by the 1949 fleets; thus, there would not have been so much conflict between the Blues and the Greens today.

In fact, as Dr. Sun Yat-Sen suggested, Taiwan should be independent, if there had never been riots by the Communists in China, the Nationalists probably would never have occupied Taiwan, and Taiwan now would be Republic of Taiwan.
While the Greens are accusing the Blues of loving China instead of Taiwan, the real threat comes from the Communists. The Blues never set up weapons against Taiwan, the Communists do.

Since the Nationalist Party is Chinese Nationalist Party, the most ideal to finish the whole strife on Taiwan's political stage is to send the Nationalists back to China.

However, as long as the Communists are still in charge of China, the Blues cannot return to China; and Taiwan cannot join the UN as an independent nation.

We, the undersigned, call on the various political forces in Taiwan to stop striving with each other over issues such as national identity; but to do all they can, lawfully, to dissolve and damage the Chinese Communist Party, to finish its reign over mainland China, so that, the Chinese Nationalist Party can return to China, and Republic of China can withdraw from Taiwan and be returned back to China, so Taiwan can become an independent sovereign nation without being oppressed by the nation across the strait; and becomes a member of the UN if Taiwanese people choose so.

We would like to remind the politicians in Taiwan, that the real threat pose upon Taiwan is neither Pan Blue nor Pan Green, but the Chinese Communist Party; in order to secure Taiwan, the most effective way is not to plead other countries to consider about Taiwan's difficult situation, because as long as the Communist Party still reigns China, foreign countries will discriminate against Taiwan in order to please Chinese Communist Party's regime.

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