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As a resident of Hammersmith whose closest tube station is Ravenscourt
Park I feel it necessary to highlight the ongoing issue of having the station
serviced exclusively by the District line, regardless of the fact that the
Piccadilly line runs through the station also.

The appalling conditions on the District line, such as signalling problems
causing irregular and unreliable service and issues with infrastructure, will
not be alleviated until as late as 2017 according to TFL.

As bringing the District Line up to scratch will take a considerable time, local
residence should be provided with alternative and more efficient services.
London Underground has the ability to capitalise on an already established
asset by using the Ravenscourt Park station for BOTH the Piccadilly line and
the District line.

Currently 370 Piccadilly line trains pass through Ravenscourt Park in each
direction each day. Having the Piccadilly line stop at Ravenscourt Park would
offer much easier access to the city centre and Heathrow airport for local

A change in the Piccadilly line would mean a one-minute delay to current
services along the Piccadilly line creating little effect on commuters, but at
the same time having a considerable difference for local residence currently
required to change trains at Hammersmith or Acton Town in order to gain
Piccadilly services, minimising their journey time by approximately 15

The advantages of utilising Ravenscourt Park station continue when you
look at the problems faced at Hammersmith station, the closest Piccadilly
line change over, during peak times. The over-crowding of the station would
be minimised by the commuters being able to board/ terminate at
Ravenscourt Park as an alternative.

We, the undersigned, call on TFL to have the Piccadilly line stop at Ravenscourt Park.

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