#Roads & Transport
North Lanarkshire Council
United Kingdom

The Main Road in Calderbank is used daily as a through road for hundreds of cars as well as goods good vehicles (most of these being HGVs). The roads entering Calderbank have had the speed limit changed recently from 60mph to 40mph but so far this has made no difference to the speed of cars on Calderbank's Main Street. In the past 12 months there has been 4 crashes which have effecting fencing and also a house, these accidents could have easily endangered lives. In the evening the roads can be less busy but this only gives certain drivers an excuse to use the road as a race track, an accident last year involved a car crashing into a parked taxi with the vehicle then crashing into a house, the police arrested the driver as the car was exceeding speeds of 70mph, this happens regularly in the evening with cars speeding through the town. Something must be done now before a serious accident occurs.

We, the undersigned, call for North Lanarkshire Council to place a speed control system in the form of Speed Humps on Calderbank Main Street.

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