All person above the high school age group.

We have seen the handling of Mr. Shaw after being assaulted by track athletes. How the principal has allowed those athletes to continue representing the school and told the teacher to leave the issue alone because the boys are important to winning CHAMPS (an event that they subsequently lost)

We have seen the video posted with the entire student body hurling insults towards Kingston College (winners at CHAMPS), during the morning assembly. This while be encourage by the PRINCIPAL on stage, shouting "KC a battyman school".

In the words of one of the students that assaulted Mr Shaw, "a tracks man run Calabar".

Well that needs to stop immediately. It is an academic institution and not a track club. It is clear that this principal cannot control the students and the culture of the institution. They deserve a stronger leader who can set an example of excellence and moral virtuosity. That can teach young boys how to become grown men.

A school is primarily an academic institution. It also teaches moral lessons that build the value system of our future generations. Athletics should never be the main focus of a school. There are track clubs for that. Students need a strong leader who can model the values of respect and intolerance for injustice. They need a leader who can show them that the book is the reason they are at school and not the sneakers. This current principal has missed the mark, he has entertained and encourage complete decadence or morals within the school body. He needs to make way for a STRONG LEADER!

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