Governor Nikki Haley
United States of America

We hereby petition Governor Nikki Haley to put a stop to the shutout of South Carolina's Independent Cab Drivers/Owners. It has come to our attention that many of the larger companies want to force a law that independent cab drivers/owners not be allowed to pickup customers at the airport.

Many of the local drivers/owner stand to loose current and potential customers and revenue. We need your help Governor Haley. It is time we take a stand for business owners in South Carolina.

As of today independent cab drivers have been told they can no longer pick up customers at the airport. They are being pushed out by the bigger companies thus being forced to loose potential customers and revenue.

Many of the independent cab owner/drivers are just starting his or her busy and are now having a large customer base stripped away from them.

Please join us in this fight to help the small business owner in our state and let our governor know that Cab Drivers Matter.

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