California Democratic Party Rules Committee Members
United States of America

Many Democrats within the California Democratic Party receive financial compensation to lobby or advocate on behalf of propositions and candidates.

Full disclosure of this fact will create transparency in this process so that when California Democrats receive communications from delegates, whether verbal or in writing, they are fully aware of any financial relationships that exist between the advocate and the campaign.

We, the undersigned Democrats, support a rules change in the California Democratic Party that stipulates the following:

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Members of this Committee receiving monetary compensation either directly or to a consulting firm in which the member is an officer or employee and for the purpose of advocating on behalf of one or more state initiatives or to support a candidate for state office must disclose to Members of this Committee while addressing a Convention, Executive Board Meeting, or through written disclosure when communicating through mail or e-mail that said member has a financial interest in advocating for a specific position or candidate.

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