The United States Congress

March 08, 2006

The time has come where America must face what is true and demand action. Bush has done many bad things in office that most people have not noticed. However, the sale of our ports to Dubia is the most treacherous act of treason against the American people.

After 9/11 our need for Homeland Security is very real. The sale of our ports will put our security in the hands of middle easterners who agree and sympethize with Bin Laden. Just the possibility of such danger to all of America should end this sale.

Not only is our security at risk, but all those jobs are going to be lost. This deal has nothing to do with foreign policy. We do not need to open up our country to attacks in the name of foreign policy.

This is a greedy treacherous act, the will end with the deaths and suffering of thousands of Americans. It is a prelude to another 9/11 only on a larger scale since we will not have any security at these ports.

The sale of these ports means the sale of our security and safety.

Stop the sale of our ports and the sale of our security!

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