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The reason why i wrote this petition is because of the large crowd of people that i have seen waiting on buses at various bus stops. What i have also observed is that it generally takes along period of time, approximately two to three hours for a bus to arrive. When a bus arrives, not ever one can get in and people have to force to get in, by pushing and jumping through bus windows and doors. I query about what might contribute to the persons waiting so long to get a bus and i found out that it is because private bus operators do not complete their route to which they are licensed to go so persons have to wait for long hours to get a bus that actually goes directly to their route.

A lot of people in Jamaica are commuters who depend daily on the public and private transportation system. The government issues licenses to private and public bus operators which allows them to traverse on a designated route during their daily operations. However a lot of private bus operators ignore the rules and regulations and choose not to complete the operation of the route which they are licensed to go. This has caused many implication on commuters as they  have to wait for many hours to get a bus and when a bus arrives, not everyone can hold. For example a bus which is licensed to go 50 miles of a route are now only going 25 miles, the persons that lives further along the other 25 miles are now stranded on the road.
This now causes commuters to spend more money on transportation to go to their destination because they cannot get a bus that goes to their route. Students often don't get a lot of money for school, are now forced to pay extra bus fare that will cut into their lunch money. I am writing a petition for the government to monitor the transportation system by putting rules and regulation that will force bus operators to complete their journey which they are licensed to go. The government could have systems in place by having transport officers at frequently used bus stops that will help monitor this process by ensuring that the buses are going to their licensed destination and if not, have them paying a fee or even taking away their license .

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