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Residents of Burton
United States of America

July 5, 2006 The City Council approved with a 7-0 vote to do away with petitions and the need for a public hearing... Basically taking the voices of 7 board members over the cities residents living and working in our community.

With a guestimate of $2,000,000.00 in the cities contributions (our taxes), our homes values will not go up, they will be paved with asphault poorly poured and Red Arrow will no sooner be home to a main street and a stop light.

Drivers in the hundreds speeding through the streets and dump trucks for the concrete crushing plant that was approved by the same council.
First things first, the storage of heavy materials and equipment.. from 50 feet away from our homes our neighbors. They are from Fenton ,we live here not them.

Let us stop this nonsense of industrial zoning...

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Burton to eliminate the paving of the remainder of gravel roads in Burton, Michigan, and also the storage of heavy materials and equipment of the concrete crushing plant.

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