#Animal Rights
PetSmart Pet Stores
United States of America

Hello... I'm Oliver! I went to a new PetSmart in the St. Louis area, and they had a fun playgroup going on. When inquiring about joining, they told my daddy that I could not join in the fun because I am a Pitbull... and PetSmart does not allow any Bully Breeds in their store playgroups. After researching their website, we found out that this is true.

A dog should be allowed or denied BASED ON THEIR TEMPERAMENT with other dogs, and not by breed specific discrimination. I am so disappointed in PetSmart. We expect and deserve better. Thank You... Oliver.

WE... All Loving Members of The Bully Breed Family and Responsible Dog Owners Everywhere request that PetSmart change their current policy of discriminating against Bully Breeds for their in-store playgroups.

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The Bully Breeds not allowed in PetSmarts Playgroups petition to PetSmart Pet Stores was written by Lori McDermid and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.