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Have you ever dreaded the thought of going to the dentist because of the costs involved? I have and I am at the moment. The pain that Australians go through because they cannot afford dental care is not acceptable, we are not a 3rd world country. We deserve better treatment than this. I tired of the excuses made as to why dental care at the very least could be subsidized and more rightly bulk billed.

Lack of Dental care can result in poor diet and health as a result of not being able to eat properly and the stigmatization of having missing teeth... that you simply don't care about appearances. When in actual fact, you can't afford the thousands of dollars it takes to fix such problems. Being stigmatized also results in poor self esteem and depression. I have seen it time and time again. Australian's deserve better than this. Waiting lists for dental hospitals are in the years, so are we suppose to suffer all that time? Not good enough!

So I am appealing to the Australian Government, The Opposition and Dental Practitioners to do something constructive with this situation... It's not good enough to take away a Dental plan for people with Mental health problems and not have something set up immediately following it's ending. Dental care is the right of every Australian, not just the ones with the money to pay for private insurance and for people who can pay outright.

We, the undersigned, want bulk billing/subsidised Dental Services in Australia.

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