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Chicago, IL

On July 4th, 2007 recording artist Buju Banton will be performing at the African/Caribbean festival in Chicago’s Washington Park. Buju Banton has created and performs music urging the shooting and burning of gay people.

His song Boom Bye Bye instructs listeners to kill gay men. The inclusion of this artist at any venue in our fair city is unacceptable. The facts that he is invited to perform on public ground, on Independence Day, and is sponsored by the Chicago Parks District, Chrysler, Western Union and the Illinois Art Council just to name a few severely harms the city’s reputation as a haven of respect for all its citizens.

For more information on Buju Banton go to life.sankofaway.org.

We, the undersigned, are appalled by the inclusion of homophobic recording artist Buju Banton at Festival of Life African/Caribbean Festival July 4th 2007 in Washington Park.

We are asking that all sponsors withdraw sponsorship until the Martin's Inter-culture, LTD withdraw their invitation to Buju Banton to perform.

We are also asking the city of Chicago to exercise it's power to protect all the citizens of Chicago from an artist whose work promotes violence against a segment of the city’s population.

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