The Lauren Edgerton Foundation
United States of America

The Lauren Edgerton Foundation, Inc. was founded to honor the memory of Lauren Elizabeth Edgerton, and will represent the essence of Lauren in an honorable and pure manner.

Lauren wanted to find a way for pre-teens and teens to have a place where they could go to meet with friends, and just "chill" as she would say. A safe place, a place their could call their own, Lauren's Place.

With the help of volunteers, fundraisers, donations and grants, Lauren’s Place will provide charitable assistance to the community by providing a center for pre-teens and teens to go when they need a break. If their home environment becomes too challenging and they need a “cooling off” spot, Lauren’s Place will be their “go to” place.

Lauren’s Place will offer services such as the Study, which will provide a quiet area for members to do homework or projects. It will be equipped with computers, printers, a copier, and stationery supplies, the Library will provide a book exchange program, the Closet will provide a clothes exchange program, the Gallery will display members' original art, plus much more.

We, the undersigned, agree the lack of services geared towards pre-teens and teens in our Community is so great that we support the Lauren Edgerton Foundation’s plans to build Lauren’s Place which is proposed for the old Emission Station’s site on Rossville Boulevard.

The assistance Lauren’s Place will provide to our children is necessary and will be immeasurable.

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