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Madam President, Samia Suluhu Hassan - President of The United Republic of Tanzania

We seek your support in convincing the national government of Tanzania and specifically Her Excellency, Madam Samia Suluhu Hassan, president of the United Republic of Tanzania to approve the building of the proposed Wakanda City.

Wakanda City is a Proposed City On A Bridge flying over Nyerere National Park in Tanzania, East Africa.

For full details visit: www.realwakanda.africa

The City is Built to Conserve Africa's Largest National Park by building necessary infrastructure, raising adequate revenue to protect its wildlife population and serving as a viable alternative to trophy hunting as a means of conservation.

Nyerere National Park (est.2019) in Tanzania is Africa’s newest & largest national park as large as Belgium: 30,000 km2 / 11,583 mi2. Until 2019, the park was a game reserve with only 8% of the reserve used for photo tourism while the rest was used for trophy hunting.

Formerly known as Selous Game Reserve this park suffered what the World Wide Fund (WWF) described as "industrial-scale poaching" of its elephants.

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Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania’s largest protected area, was home to one of the greatest concentrations of African elephants on the continent, but rampant ivory poaching has seen the population reduced by 90 per cent in fewer than 40 years. Nearly 110,000 elephants once roamed the savannahs, wetlands and forests of Selous, but now only about 15,000 remain in the ecosystem.

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Source: WWF | Elephants could disappear from Tanzania World Heritage site within six years


Park Infrastructure & Human-Wildlife Coexistence

In a safari park the size of Belgium, accessibility can be difficult due to the lack of adequate infrastructure. In the rainy season most lodges close due to muddy roads & airstrips. Inaccessible wildlife reserves become prime candidates for controversial trophy hunting & they are more difficult to patrol against poachers. Wakanda City builds park infrastructure while facilitating human-wildlife coexistence.

By building a city on a bridge, we build park infrastructure that is used not only by tourists but primarily by city residents, thereby making the cost of the park infrastructure economically viable while increasing park accessibility to photo tourists. A Future for All: The Need for Human-Wildlife Coexistence by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) & The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

It also establishes Tanzania as a world leader in building a city that implements WWF & UNEP recommendations for human-wildlife coexistence. “Buy a property that’s surrounded with a view of African wildlife,” is the city’s unique selling proposition. Wakanda City’s residents will have a vested interest in the conservation of natural resources like in Tanzania’s Wildlife Management Areas.


As the Provisional Wakanda City Council we do not take your support for granted. Helping Wakanda become a reality will be historic and everyone who contributed to that reality should be forever celebrated and remembered by future generations.

So our pledge to you is this: If Real Wakanda City does get approved and built, we will build a monument in honor of all those who chipped in to make it a reality. A museum with all the names and faces of all those who chipped in, when they chipped in and how they chipped in.

We, the undersigned, call on the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Madam Samia Suluhu Hassan, to approve building Wakanda City - On A Bridge - in Nyerere National Park.

Build The Real Wakanda in Tanzania & WE WILL COME.

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