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Evansville, Indiana and the Tri-State area is in need of a healthy grocery store to serve our population of vegans, vegetarians, heathy and not so healthy community. We have local farmers and co-op people to contribute to the grocery store chain.

Please sign this petition to introduce Evansville and the Tri-State to a healthy way of life and other food choices.Evansville was documented as the most obese city in the country two years ago and no business or fitness companies came into help.

Our city is the third largest in Indiana and we have two reputable universities and a thriving community college. Three miles from the University of Southern Indiana is an old Walmart and several empty stores that is an eyesore.

This area would be s perfect place to build a Whole Foods since a structure is already in place.

We are also in the process of building a new medical university in our downtown. People from Evansvile travel an hour and a half or two hours to the closest Whole Foods.

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