#Consumer Affairs
Mayor Francis Slay
United States of America

Saint Louis Metro City is undegoing a major reconstruction within it city. Saint Louis City is the heart of many african american citizens who reside and function daily right on the very same soil that first gave life to Saint Louis City community.

Saint Louis City Residents would feel that the city belongs to them if businesses were generated and established in their community and created jobs for those who are interested in obtaining employment in Walmart or any other busiensses surrounding Walmart. Walmart is not only a business to the residents of Saint Louis, but a social cornerstone for those who want to escape boredom and meet new friends as well. It can be a pleace where people can shop, have fun, eat, and generate friendship. Walmart is very much needed in the city of Saint Louis. Every other cities has a Walmart, why not Saint Louis City have one too?

Walmart is affordable, has good quality, and quantity as well. Sam's would be nice to have alongside of Walmart as well for those who have small businesses and large families. Walmart in the city will generate revenue and the socialabilty of people will be heigthened.

We, the undersigned, would like to see a Saint Louis City Walmart built.

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