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Clifford J. Lee, Mayor of Charlottetown

Charlottetown, PEI is a small city with a growing graffiti scene full of talented artists. However, they have no way to express themselves or show their work legally without a legal graffiti wall.

When asked about building a wall in May 2009, Clifford Lee said he would never consider building a legal graffiti wall in the city. Our city officials need to understand that youth in Charlottetown need a wall to paint as an outlet, without the wall their creativity is stifled.

This petition is a message to Charlottetown's head officials: we artists have a lot of support in this city, it's not just us who want to see a legal wall! Many people in Charlottetown have seen how incredible graffiti can look if you give it a place to appear, and want to see what we can do. It's not expensive to build, and once it's done you will have a free art gallery that updates itself constantly.

Legal wall now!

We, the undersigned, want Charlottetown's city officials to have a legal graffiti wall built in Charlottetown by the end of 2010, to promote the creative productivity of our city's youth.

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